T.P. v.d. Lugt Potplanten BV changed its name to Athomeplants BV at the beginning of 2009. The company had been cultivating pot plants since 1983 when it started with Yuccas. In 1998 it switched from growing Yuccas to growing Zamioculcas.

Substantial internal alternations were carried out in 2006, after which a start was made with the lighting and concrete floors were poured. The automated system was subsequently installed. Now all the Zamioculcas are sorted several times, according to volume, by cameras and moved by fork-lift truck. As a result, uniform plants with dense foliage can be delivered all year round.

Athomeplants BV aims to produce high quality, not only in terms of the plants themselves, but also in terms of customer service, socially responsible business practices and environmental policy. Athomeplants BV is certified for MPS Environmentally-Friendly Cultivation (MPS A), MPS Good Agricultural Practice (MPS GAP) and MPS Socially Qualified (MPS SQ). Athomeplants BV makes every possible effort to be an excellent business partner. Feel free to come along to the nursery and our manager, Maarten v.d. Ende, or Teun v.d. Lugt will be happy to tell you all about the business.

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